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Cory Roth is a leading soccer attorney in the United States and is internationally recognized as being the “go-to” lawyer for soccer law related questions and disputes with a nexus to the United States. His cases have been covered by ESPN FC, Sports Illustrated, Soccer America, VICE Sports and World Football Insider. Attorney Roth’s work has literally changed American soccer, having made the business of soccer more profitable for professional and amateur clubs while simultaneously protecting the rights and interests of agents, intermediaries, professional and youth soccer players.

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When you hire Mr. Roth, you are also hiring the law firm of Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo Sports Lawyers, which focuses its’ practice on FIFA regulations and the Swiss civil law that governs most soccer (football) related matters. Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo is led by Mr. Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez, who is the attorney of choice for many of the top players and clubs in the world, including Lionel Messi. Our firm works directly with attorney Alfonso León Lleó of Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo, and through our collaboration we have an unlimited tap of legal, procedural and practical knowledge in addition to an expanded network of attorneys throughout the world for whenever we may need local expertise.

Whether you are a club seeking training compensation or solidarity contributions, an intermediary with a dispute with former client or the club a current client plays for, a player seeking legal representant or a new agent who represents you with all of the fiduciary duties of a licensed attorney, we are here to help and invite you to contact us for a consultation.

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Tactical discipline & fearless representation

Cory is not just a licensed attorney. He’s a former soccer player and trial lawyer who has successfully tried nearly 30 criminal cases to juries and judges, having won dozens of acquittals and countless favorable results stemming from his expert negotiating skills. You might be asking what does this experience have to do with representing a player, agent or club in a contractual dispute, negotiating a contract, or at hearing during an ICC arbitration or before the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber or Court of Arbitration for Sport?

The answer: everything. Attorney Roth has years of experience investigating complex cases, developing defenses, cross examining lay and expert witnesses, negotiating with the government, and executing winning arguments. In other words, Attorney Roth is fearless no matter who his opponent is. Our lawyers develop tactical plans of defense and attack and modify accordingly throughout our representation in order to achieve your goals. Attorney Roth and his team has a proven track records of success as a soccer lawyer in disputes against leagues, clubs, agents and federations. In fact, just as in his playing days, the bigger the opponent, the bigger the chip on his shoulder to fight and win for his client, all while creating and executing an
intentional tactical plan of representation.

Higher standards

your best interests are our only interest.

The fundamental principal of our practice is that we are always client centered. This means that we empower our clients to competently weigh the risks and rewards of any potential course of action so the client can make the decision that he or she feels is in their own best interest. Achieving our clients’ goals in an ethical manner is always the singular focus and we recognize that in the world of sport, that often means acting fast and with purpose to resolve the matter as quickly and favorably as possible. Your case is never about us. It is always about you. Your best interests are our only interest.

Specialty sports attorney

Why hire a soccer lawyer?

Soccer is the most popular sports in the world and one of the most popular in the United States. Youth soccer is a massive industry in the USA, the USL is a fast growing league with interesting prospects, & Major League Soccer is on track to be the league of choice for many players and one of the top 10 leagues in the world. The amount of money and disputes related to the business of the game are only going to grow, especially as American professional leagues continue to import players from abroad and our clubs develop players that transfer overseas. There is no part of the game that is not impacted or governed by FIFA rules and regulations, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), and the Swiss civil code. Considering the aforementioned, your concern or dispute falls into the arena of a specialized area of law and you need an attorney who knows the relevant laws, the framework in which they are enforced & keeps abreast of their latest developments. We check those boxes and are confident you will have confidence in our team of specialized attorneys.

If you have any concerns, call The Soccer Lawyer, Cory Roth, for a case evaluation.

Our Services


Training compensation disputes

FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players entitle clubs that have developed a professional player to receive money when a player signs his first professional contract abroad or transfers abroad before the termination of the season of his 23rd birthday for training that occurred between the seasons of the player’s 12th and 21st birthdays. Purchasing clubs frequently neglect their obligation to pay developing clubs, and we make sure they do not get away with it. We verify the player’s registration and transfer, gather evidence, calculate the appropriate amount of training compensation, contact the owing club, make payment arrangements and, if necessary, file and litigate claims for training compensation before the appropriate deliberative body. Our firm generally provides this service on a success fee basis, meaning you do not pay unless we recover money for your club.

Solidarity fee disputes

FIFA regulations on the Status and Transfer entitle clubs that contributed to the training and education of a player to a percentage of the transfer fee anytime that player transfers between clubs of two different countries. Clubs frequently neglect this obligation. We verify the player’s registration and transfer, gather evidence, calculate the appropriate amount of solidarity, contact the owing club, make payment arrangements and, if necessary, file and litigate claims for solidarity payments before the appropriate deliberative body. Our firm generally provides this service on a success fee basis, meaning you do not pay unless we recover money for your club.

FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber litigation

We are experienced and competent to represent players, clubs, leagues and intermediaries in any regulatory or legal dispute before the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber. Such matters include employment related disputes between a player and club of an international dimension related to overdue payables, general labor disputes, contractual disputes between clubs and players related to ITC requests, general employment related disputes between clubs and players, training compensation dispute, solidarity mechanism disputes and any other dispute over which the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber has jurisdiction.

FIFA Players’ Status Committee litigation

Our sports lawyers are experienced and competent to represent clients in cases that the FIFA Players’ Status Committee has jurisdiction to hear. These include club versus club disputes, disputes involving coaches, disputes involving players’ agents and match agents, as well as disputes concerning overdue payables. Our lawyers are vastly experienced in representing clubs and other parties in matters before the FIFA Players’ Status Committee.

Court of Arbitration for Sport litigation

Our sports attorneys are experienced and competent to represent parties in direct filings and appeals to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

ICC Arbitration

Many times, arbitration and jurisdictional clauses in contracts dictate that any dispute must be resolved in accordance with the International Chamber of Commerce rules of arbitration. Our attorneys are competent to represent you in ICC disputes.

Transfer due diligence

Our attorneys represent intermediaries, clubs and players in completing due diligence prior to the transfer of a player. We review employment contracts, transfer agreements, calculate training compensation and solidarity fees, determine whether sell-on fees are due, apply for provisional registration of the player and request the TMS application.

Contract review

As attorneys, client often seek our assistance after there is a contractual dispute. Far too often we find contracts that do not include provisions that would clarify the rights of the parties to a dispute. By hiring our firm before-hand we can ensure that your contract is not only enforceable, but that it contains all of the clauses and protections necessary to protect yourself and/or your client if you are an intermediary.


We can assist you or your client, if you are an intermediary, in seeking the appropriate visa so that you may train and/or work in the United States.

Strategic consulting

Our attorneys regularly consult with amateur youth soccer clubs and academies, professional clubs, non-for profits, intermediaries and players seeking to develop legal and/or economic strategies. We can advise in any number of matters such as creating strategic partnerships with other clubs and leagues, employment contracts, establishing domestic training compensation and solidarity systems, advising clients how to improve their odds of winning future training compensation and solidarity disputes, advising soccer and sporting related fitness and equipment companies and many other subject matters.

Youth club & academy advisory services

American youth soccer clubs and academies face unique challenges, legal and practical challenges. Attorney Roth is experienced in advising these organizations on non-compete agreements for coaches, best practices, mergers, branding, training compensation, solidarity fees, recruitment issues, international partnerships.

Major League Soccer academy player advisory services

Sadly, disputes between youth academy players and Major League Soccer are not unheard of. Attorney Roth has successfully represented several youth academy soccer players in issues regarding the movement of players between MLS academies, their homegrown rights, and NCAA eligibility issues. For example, with the recent closure of the Minnesota United FC academy and threats made by MNUFC leadership, our attorneys anticipate that the club will try to limit players’ ability to sign with new MLS academies and even professional MLS contracts. Our attorneys have represented clients in similar situations and know how to navigate this complex and sensitive circumstance that is governed not only by Major League Soccer regulations, but also the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

Player Representation

Cory Roth is a licensed attorney in addition to being a certified and licensed player agent/intermediary. Contact us if you are a player interested in representation or intermediary interested in collaborating.

Agent Intermediary Representation

Our lawyers can answer any questions you may have about legal and regulatory matters related to your representation of player. We also review contracts and assist in the transfer process, represent you or your client in litigation or arbitration, and represent agents in disputes with players who have breached their contractual obligations to the agent.

Agent Commission Disputes

Our attorneys represent parties to disputes over agent intermediary commissions.

Disciplinary appeals

Our attorneys are experienced in representing player and coaching staff in disciplinary appeals at the league, association, confederation, and FIFA levels. Our attorneys have successfully represented some of the highest profile players in the world in these matters, including Leo Messi and Paolo Guerrero.

Doping Investigations

Our attorneys are experienced in representing players in doping investigations and have represented some of the highest profile soccer players in the world in doping cases before soccer-related disciplinary commissions, in addition to athletics, Olympics and all other bodies.

U.S. Center for Safe Sport Investigations

Attorney Cory Roth is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully represented hundreds of clients in criminal matters. If you or a loved one is being investigated by the U.S. Center for Safe Sport, your life and livelihood are literally on the line and you need the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent your interests, conduct an independent investigation and present a defense or mitigation packet. If a decision against you has already been made, there are circumstances in which we can file an appeal.

Club Licensing

Our attorneys assist national associations, leagues and clubs create, implement and participate in FIFA compliant club licensing programs. This service includes drafting national club licensing regulations, content and standard. Our lawyers also represent clubs as they prepare to apply for a club license and in appeals where the first instance body denies a club admission.

Purchase & Sale of Football Clubs

Our attorneys assist in all due diligence, legal and regulatory matters associated with the purchase and sale professional football clubs worldwide in addition to connecting sellers with potential buyers and vice versa.

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